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You want a competent partner who has a lot of experience, is well networked and can offer all services in the area of producer responsibility?

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On behalf of industrial fillers, plastics recyclers and plastics processors, we carry out tests and certify our clients' facilities in a structured and uncomplicated manner. This includes in particular the legally required tests for distributors of packaging, such as the declaration of completeness according to § 11 VerpackG. We are also a competent partner for plastics recyclers and plastic recyclate processors when it comes to internationally recognized certificates.


Thanks to our many years of experience and global network, we serve customers worldwide from a wide range of industries and sectors:

Verification of declarations of completeness and manufacturer's declarations

We have been carrying out audits of large manufacturers required by § 11 VerpackG since 2009. With over 2,000 audits, we are the market leader that know every constellation.


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Determination of packaging master data

Correct packaging master data are a necessary basis for correct action. We take over this work and responsibility. We provide classified data of your assortments via interfaces.

RecyClass for recyclers

RecyClass "Recycling-Process" (and EUCertPlast) is the globally recognized benchmark whose compliance demonstrates the highest quality standards. We are approved auditors and have extensive practical expertise from worldwide audits, which gives you an advantage too!

RecyClass for plastics processors

RecyClass "Use of Recycled Plastic" is based on the EN 15343:2007 and ISO 22095:2020 standards, which are certifying processes that attest beyond doubt a recycled content in products. The criterion holds importance not only in your CSR reporting but also in terms of commercial law. Our auditors know the context in the value chain and will guide you to your goal in a structured way.

Certificates according to the Trade Waste Ordinance

The separate collection of waste is an obligation that applies to all commercial operators, who must also document the same in a verifiable manner. In the case of at least 90% separation of all household-like commercial waste, we issue legally valid certificates for cost-effective thermal treatment in accordance with § 4 para. 5 GewAbfV of residual waste.

Consultations and workshops

We are absolute experts in our field. We are happy to make this knowledge available by working on specific issues with you. To ensure that this is done as effectively as possible, we provide joint workshops, e.g. on the amended European Packaging Ordinance, recyclate use strategy, dovetailing of documentation obligations under the Packaging Act and GewAbfV, and EPR obligations abroad, ...

Expert opinion

Due to the complexity of legal requirements, companies often find it difficult to find and trust a correct and at the same time economically optimal solution. As publicly appointed experts, we provide expert opinions that clarify ambiguities in a legally binding manner.

Structure and system tests

In all audits, we deal intensively with operational data processing. We bring this wealth of experience together with your operational reality by auditing your systems and processes for quality and performance - voluntary but indispensable for optimization.

We always have an open ear for your questions or challenges

We support you in ensuring that valuable resources are returned to the product cycle and that your workflow becomes even more sustainable. We advise, support and certify you in all areas related to product stewardship.

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Declaration of completeness / Recycling / Commercial waste ordinance

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