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Are you a manufacturer and would like a professional partner to check your declaration of completeness according to § 11 VerpackG?

Do you have questions about the new Single-Use Plastics Fund Act and need individual advice or are you seeking for a qualified auditor?

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We check your declaration of completeness according to § 11 VerpackG and deposit on LUCID

An audited declaration of completeness is mandatory if a manufacturer exceeds certain packaging quantities intended for "private end users". In this area, we work strictly process-oriented. On the one hand, this ensures a structured process, and on the other hand, it fosters a deeper comprehension of the matter. To this end, we draw on a vast repertoire of practical experience, which we have gained from more than 2,000 audit cases and their deposit on LUCID, covering all industries and all conceivable constellations - including international ones.

Don't be alarmed: Although the test guidelines and the technical instructions for depositing the DoC have a total of more than 100 pages of text, we will guide you safely to the finish line!

We advise your company on the implementation of the Single-Use Plastics Fund Act and check the implementation of the legal requirements.

The Single-Use Plastics Fund Act (EWKFondsG) came into force in May 2023. The aim of the EWKFondsG is to minimize the negative impact of certain single-use plastic products on the environment. The products affected include to-go food containers, plastic bags and cigarette filters. Manufacturers of these single-use plastic products are obliged to pay a special levy into a special plastic fund, which is incurred in addition to the system fees for the collection and recycling of packaging. Although the logic is similar to that of the Packaging Act, the administration of the single-use plastic fund lies with the Federal Environment Agency and not with the "Central Agency". The obligation to pay the special levy comes into force from 2025, while the registration obligation applies from 2024. In addition, there is an audit obligation for affected manufacturers, which is similar to the declaration of completeness under the Packaging Act and is required for single-use plastic products weighing 100 kg or more. We are approved accordingly and will carry out these audits (the first deadline is May 15, 2025 for the 2024 calendar year). As we anticipate that there will already be questions, e.g. in the area of product delimitation, we will be happy to help you clarify these in good time - competently, objectively and independently.

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We support you in ensuring that valuable resources are returned to the product cycle and that your workflow becomes even more sustainable. We advise, support and certify you in all areas related to product stewardship.

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