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Are you a plastics processor and would like your customers to have internationally recognized certificates attesting to the recycled content in your products?

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We confirm the proportion of plastic recyclate in your product according to RecyClass and RAL in a legally secure manner.

The plastic recyclate content in the product is increasingly becoming a critical success factor. On the one hand, it influences ecologically minded consumer groups in their decision-making, and on the other hand, it becomes a mandatory requirement when packaging has to have a minimum recycled content (§ 30a VerpackG). Furthermore, the use of virgin plastic is more and more penalized fiscally (Spanish plastic tax). This issue also has an increasing impact on environmental reporting. The systematics of your materials management according to RecyClass (recyceled plastic traceability), successfully tested by us, puts you in a position to meet these requirements in a resilient manner and to post the result to RecoTrace™. Here - as well as in the quality marks "Blue Angel (DE-UZ 30a) and RAL-Rezyklat (GZ 720) - we belong to the auditors of the early hour and therefore accompany you with a high degree of routine and competence.

Note: if you want to use plastic recyclates with food contact, additional requirements apply to the process. This makes things more complicated, but still solvable.

We always have an open ear for your questions or challenges

We support you in ensuring that valuable resources are returned to the product cycle and that your workflow becomes even more sustainable. We advise, support and certify you in all areas related to product stewardship.

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